Freezy Blue

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His small paws hardly touched the snow. The ice was attacking the small cushions on the back of his paw.
Raising his head, he could see the moon, all round, behind the clouds. But he cannot afford to be delayed by the black sky.
His young fur cannot protect him from the biting cold of the night.
Suddenly he is startled. An ember has just reached his thin tail.
He turns around and meows. Never had he thought that fire could go so fast.
He sets out once more.
He is losing speed, he can feel it. He knows the fire is getting closer. He can already hear the beating of wings.
Quickly! His black hair turns gray while the ashes cover him.
A flame then licks his back paw. A squeal and then he stumbles.
He turns around in haste and starts again.
He is just there. The bird of fire… He can see the flame of desire burning in his eyes.
He can see the memory of the cats of the nights, his parents, in the reflection of its feathers.
No more loopholes... He curls up in a ball… Thinks of his father… So much so that when he leaps on the bird of fire… When he roared…Of his mother… So beautiful when his last look merged with the flames…
Fire devours him now… A smoke the color of the night rises out of its small body… Strokes the stars…

Pencils : Rasenti
Colors : KYS

Hey hey hey ! To celebrate the re-birth of this blog, what could have been better than this writing, which almost founded my style. 
As the blog will grow, several drawers (among them Youle and Rasen') will illustrate my dark ink with wonderful pics, in order to give a bit of life and colors to this website which, without them, would be very dull.

Thanks to every drawer ! 
Special merci à Youle et Rasen', the first drawers !
And of course, thanks to you reader !